Serving Size 100g / Nutrient per 100g : Energy 74Kcal ( 311KJ ) / Carbohydrate 7.6g / Protein 2.8g / Fat 3.6g / Sugar 1.63g. Our Salsa al Pomodoro (Tomato Base Sauce) is a recipe handed over by generations in our Family. As we strive to provide a Healthy Product, which we ourselves use regularly to feed our own families, we set out to produce a product FREE from all chemicals and "fake" food Ingredients commonly found in Today's Mass Produced food products. NO MSG is used to enhance flavors, Just a good mix of Fresh Ingredients. NO Colorants, Paste or Powders, Just the Goodness of Whole Peeled Italian "San Marzano" Tomatoes. NO Cheap Hydrogenated Oils, we only use Healthy Olive Oil and especially NO Stabilizers or Preservatives for enhancing Shelf Life. We Package our Sauce using the Latest Technologies in regards to Aseptic Hot Filling Packaging, Rapid Cooling and Storage, thus Guaranteeing a minimum of 1 year Shelf Life of our Sauce. Most Importantly WE DO NOT Mass Produce and that is the Key to the Exceptional Quality and Freshness of our Product.

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